SUPER 6 - Corporate Box Cricket Tournament


Justplay Sports Club

Behind JR Farm, near Sai Baba Temple, Neeladri Nagar, Electronic City Phase 1, Bengaluru

About Tournament

The tournament is open to all corporate employees across India. Individuals from different corporate employees can form a team. Registration Fee: EARLY BIRD (Before 15-Nov-2016): INR 2500 / team ( Pay INR 1000 now online and the balance INR 1500 in cash on the event date at the venue) After 15-Nov-2016: INR 3000 / team ( Pay INR 1000 now online and the balance INR 2000 in cash on the event date at the venue)

Tournament Rules

  • The ball used for the tournament will be Soft Tennis ball (1 new tennis ball will be used for 1 match)
  • 32 teams - 6 A Side – 6 overs match - Knockout format
  • The pitch is proper 22-yards pitch.
  • Full hand bowling ONLY. No throw bowling allowed. A bowler can bowl max of 2 overs.
  • Last man batting is NOT allowed.
  • The batsman can hit 4s and 6s only straight-Down the wicket. When the ball goes out of the ground and it goes straight then it is a 6 !!
  • Standard LBW rules apply and once decision made by the Umpire is final.
  • On half-side, leg-side and behind wickets the batsman has to hit and run to score. No boundaries. When the ball goes out of the ground and it goes leg-side, half-side and behind wickets then it is no-run and ball is counted.
  • Wides – Extra run and extra ball
  • Full-toss above waist is no-ball and it means Extra run and Batsman gets a FREE-HIT !!
  • Front-leg No-Ball means Extra run and Batsman gets a FREE-HIT !!
  • Above shoulder is a No-Ball and it means Extra run and Batsman gets a FREE-HIT !!
  • No arguments entertained. Umpire’s/Referee’s decision is final !!
  • Every team can have back-up players up to 3. They can only play in case of main players are not available or injured. Once a back-up player plays, then the player rested can not come back into the team.
  • On field, Judges / Organizers / Referees / Umpires decision would be final.

Additional Information

All safety gears and playing equipment’s have to be brought by the participants (i.e. bats, guards etc.)
Players are requested to be in proper sports attire
Strictly ONLY rubber studs/flat sole shoes are allowed at the venue (NO metal studs allowed).
First aid will be provided in case of any injury
In case of any doubts that will be clarified by the referee before the start of the match
All participants/teams are requested to maintain discipline and to avoid any kind of arguments with any other participants/teams
Teams need to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the designated start time. Else the opponent team will be given walk-over.
Registrations once done cannot be cancelled / transferred under any circumstances
Organizers reserves the right to reject any registration if found biased.
All participants will get the schedule 2 days prior to the tournament date. Else please write to
Schedules and fixtures will be published and sent by email to all participants by 01 Dec 2016 6 PM.
04 Dec 2016 will be used for the tournament, if required.
Medals are prsented to all the players.
RELISPRAY NITRON sponsored by Relispray to all Winners and Runners team players
The Cash/Prizes may vary if 32 teams are not participating. Revised CASH Prize will be calculated on prorate basis.
KhelINDIA management can modify the tournament details any time at its own discretion without any prior notice.


6 A Side - 6 Overs