Active Arena Baddy Championship


Active Arena

Opposite Prestige Tech Park (Behind Croma) Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bengaluru

About Tournament

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament is open to all Non Seeded Individuals across India.
  • Top 50 ranking players in the last 3 years in any category are not allowed.
  • All the players are required to carry the Identity cards and produce before the beginning of all events and when asked for.
  • On field, Judges / Organizers / Referees / Umpires decision would be final.
  • The tournament comprises of the following categories 
  • Singles:   Men's Singles (Open & 35+) / Women’s Singles
  • Doubles:  Men's Doubles (Open & 35+) / Mixed Doubles
  • One player can participate in multiple categories.
  • Example: Sample player can play in both Singles and doubles categories.
  • Plese note, if we are not able to complete the tournament on the same day, next day also will be made use of.
  • Format: Knock OUT format
  •  -       Knock-out – For 30 points (Single set)
  • -       Finals ONLY: Point System: 21 Points - Best of 3 Sets.
  • All safety gears and playing equipment’s have to be brought by the participants (i.e. Badminton Racquets, Indoor badminton Non-marking shoes etc.)
  • Players are requested to be in proper sports attire
  • Strictly ONLY indoor non-marking shoes allowed at the venue (NO black sole allowed. ONLY Yellowish / Orangish sole allowed).
  • First aid will be provided in case of any injury
  • All standard Badminton rules apply
  • All participants are requested to maintain discipline and to avoid any kind of arguments with any other participants
  • Participants need to be present at least 30 minutes prior to the designated start time. Else the opponent will be given walk-over.
  • Registrations once done cannot be cancelled / transferred under any circumstances
  • KhelINDIA Management reserves the right to cancel any category if minimum number (8) of nominations are not received for a specific category. Registration fee will be refunded in that case.
  • Organizers reserves the right to reject any registration if found biased.
  • Shuttlecock:
  • Nylon Shuttle – Yonex Mavis 350
  •  Schedules and Fixtures:
  • Individual Events: Will be published and sent by email to all participants 1 day before the tournament.

Additional Information

Trophies for Winner / Runner-up & Cash Prize/Vouchers/Goodies

NOTE: CASH PRIZE is applicable only when there are 16+ entries in the specific category. If there are less than 16 entries in a specific category, there won’t be any CASH PRIZE, instead only goodies/gifts of desirable amount will be given along with trophies.
KhelINDIA management can modify the tournament details any time at its own discretion without any prior notice.


Men's Singles
Men's Doubles
Men's Singles (35+)
Men's Doubles (35+)
Mixed Doubles
Women's Singles
Women's Doubles