TeEnduRuns Chennai Express 5K




TBA, Chennai

About Run

Its an Inter-Chapter/group Challenge Series Its a Team event, each team will have 4 runners,

Run Rules

  • First Runner has to be a Women Runner (Mandatory)
  • Second Runner has to be a Veteran 40+ (Mandatory)
  • 3rd & 4th Runners are Open to all
  • No restrictions for the no. of women runners in a team
  • In Tagged Runner Relay format all runners/team-mates will run the 5Km distance starting at the same time.
  • Collective time of the team is taken for deciding the Winner and Team Ranking
  • Once the Team is registered you cannot change/swap the team members
  • No restriction on the no. of teams per Chapter
  • Minimum age limit for participant is 12 years as on 12th March 2017


5K Team Run