Science Marathon


People's Plaza


Necklace Road, Hyderabad

About Run

Every year since 1987, National Science Day is celebrated on February 28. On this day in 1928, Great Indian Scientist Sir C.V. Raman discovered the famous “Raman Effect”, about scattering of light and was awarded Nobel Prize in physics for this discovery in 1930. Main objective of National Science Day Celebrations is to bring science in the forefront, inculcate scientific temper and take pride in the scientific achievements of the country. RAISE, Hyderabad planned a series of activities through SCIENCE MARATHON – 2017, with a view to effectively organize these celebrations, SCIENCE MARATHON- 2017 aims to educate the younger generations about the outstanding achievements of our Country in Science, Technology and Industry; inspire them to take a serious view into the national development; grow them as responsible citizens to meet the challenges of future and sensitize them to work for the National Self Reliance. OBJECTIVES: To widely spread a message about the significance of science and technology in the daily life of the people. Enable students to know about the latest developments in the fields of science and technology. Enhance interaction between scientists and students. To encourage innovative ideas of students and others. Creating interest among high school students on Science and Technology. To promote the science and technology through 10 K RUN FOR SCIENCE, 5K RUN FOR SCIENCE, 3.5 K WALK FOR SCIENCE, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION, CULTURAL ACTIVITIES like DRAMA'S ON SCIENCE, FILMS ON SCIENCE, SCIENCE TALKS and many more. UTILIZATION OF SCIENCE MARATHON - 2017 SPONSORSHIP FUND FOR THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL PROGRAMS : To bring Science & Technology more closer to the under privileged students, RAISE, Hyderabad implements the following programs on a long term basis by utilizing of SCIENCE MARATHON - 2017 Sponsorship Fund. To sustain the education for marginalized students in Mathematics and Science Subjects. To build the Science Labs and Learning centers for rural students in order to develop interest in Science based courses.

Run Rules

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Additional Information

Timing chip for 10K RUN
Good quality T-Shirt for all participants.
Finisher medal and certificate
Post run refreshment
Medical facility provided
Water station at every 2 Km
Toilets station at every 3 Km


10K Run
5K Fun Run
5K Student Run